Week 1 of Burl's Creek OMB hearing wraps up

Despite assurances and best intentions, the Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") hearing into the temporary zoning by-law proposed by Burl's Creek Event Grounds ended its first week of testimony far away from a resolution. Darren Vella, founder of Innovative Planning Services and the land-use planner retained by Burl's Creek, resumed his testimony to close out the Burl's Creek case. His testimony was designed to tie together the evidence given by the proponent's other expert witnesses.

It was assumed Vella would be cross-examined Friday as well, bringing a close to the Burl's Creek case. However, given the length of the Vella's testimony and the depth of the information he was presenting, the session ended while he was still in chief. Given Vella's prior commitments outside of the country next week, accommodating a cross-examination was not going to be simple.

“We keep adding time,” Chair Richard Makuch said. “When I saw this (as) three days ... I'm not pointing the finger at anybody; I'm just saying it was totally unrealistic.”

“I'm the only one in the room who can say 'I agree with you' with a straight face,” Donnelly added.

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