Proposed Lake Simcoe Protection Act Applauded

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Lake Simcoe Summit historic success

Toronto –An unprecedented coalition of environmental groups, ratepayer and citizens’ groups is praising the McGuinty government’s announcement of plans to introduce the Lake Simcoe Protection Act. The surprise announcement was made last Friday at the Lake Simcoe Summit in Barrie in front of a cheering crowd representing 65 citizens’ and non-profit groups from around the Lake, and 12 government agencies and elected officials.

“The proposed Act is better than a cool dip in the Lake on a hot day, ”said David Donnelly, counsel to Environmental Defence and to a number of the groups in attendance, and one of the first proponents of the Act.

“All our work to establish a truly great coalition and plan to save the Lake is rewarded with this proposed Act,” said Robert Eisenberg, founding Chair of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition. “There’s no going back now; the Government of Ontario has recognized the urgent need for an Act and so should everyone else.”

In his announcement, Premier McGuinty covered all the principles of conservation that Campaign Lake Simcoe hoped would form the foundation of an Act. Describing the Act, the Premier told the crowd:

“It will mean that no new development will be allowed to harm the lake. It will set strict limits on pollutants such as phosphorus. It will require stringent sewage treatment. It will support a governance structure that has been recommended by the Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy working group. And it will promote recreation while protecting the health of the lake. We want growth that is good for the lake and the community that depends on the lake.”

“We are so glad that the Premier has listened to the science showing the damage Lake Simcoe has undergone,” said Wendy Francis, Director of Conservation and Science for Ontario Nature.

Lake Simcoe’s southeast shoreline is governed by the Greenbelt Act, leaving about half of the watershed unprotected. Simcoe County has been referred to as Ontario’s “Wild West” of development, with dozens of development applications leap-frogging over the Greenbelt and into south Simcoe County.

The effect of the Premier’s announcement on developments currently seeking approvals remains unclear, particularly regarding the contentious Big Bay Point mega-project near Barrie.

The Greenbelt Protection Act contained retroactive provisions to catch developments that were not yet approved at the time the Act was announced. “The Greenbelt Protection Act is the logical staring point for a new Lake Simcoe Act,” said Donnelly. The proposed Lake Simcoe Protection Act is different from the Greenbelt Act in one key respect, it emphasizes tougher environmental assessment standards to ensure water quality in addition to new land use controls.

“While we greatly appreciated the announcement of the proposed Act, we are still concerned about the Big Bay Point development,” said Annabel Slaight, a founder and Director of the Ladies of the Lake. “There is so little understanding about the impact of large numbers of people and boats on our fragile lake, we believe that we need this knowledge, then policy about it, before a huge project like this goes forward. It reminds us of that old song ‘I Didn’t Know the Gun was Loaded!’ If even if a shred of doubt exists, we should pause and check before the trigger is pulled.”

The Lake Simcoe Summit was co-hosted by Campaign Lake Simcoe and the Ladies of the Lake ( Campaign Lake Simcoe is a partnership of Environmental Defence, the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition, and Ontario Nature (


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